Just One Of Those NIghts

Well, my name is Alissa and I have a crazy life. I created this to tell people of my life also you'll find things I like. I'm 16 years old and I have 6 siblings, an awesome mom and an amazing step dad. So yeah.


  • LMN movie on TV
  • Dad: "She's not wearing a bra."
  • Mom: *looks up*
  • Mom: "It's okay, she doesn't have big boobs anyway."
  • Me: *thinking* "Really? What the hell guys."

May 27, 2013 

First time doing this, so lets see how this plays out. 

I have an interesting family so to speak. I have six siblings, though I only live with four of them. I basically live a lifetime movie..or a really bad comedy. Last week my step aunt ran away on her graduation day with her 45 year old lover, she’s 18. She took off and didn’t tell anybody. That kind of stuff happens only in movies right?I guess not, She got dropped off by him yesterday, he said that he’s going to come back, though that doesn’t seem likely. He’s bit of an asshole. Okay he’s a big asshole.

Well I spent today with my best friend, actually the past four days. I’m covered in scratches from her dog. I spent my weekend doing math (which I hate), and playing pokemon, cause that’s how I spend my life. Not as crazy as you’d think. But I was at my friend’s house not at home. I got home and shit hits the fan. My brother is getting lectured cause he’s a sassy little fuck and he has an attitude, good job Marky, good job. My dog has missed me, so he’s up my ass. 

Anything interesting that happened this weekend is masked by the fact that I got no sleep, and I am covered in scratches. There were lots of sex jokes, but I’m a teenager, so that’s a given. This one’s a little boring, I’m going to get into the swing of things I guess. It’ll get interesting, I promise that. 

According to my mother, my brother Marky has this attitude when he comes back from staying at places. He’s got this attitude like he’s better than everyone here. Dude I’ve seen you cry, and I’ve seen you covered in dog shit, you’re not better than anyone here trust me. If I bitch-slap him hard enough will it slap that bitch attitude out of him? I hope so. Also according to my mother, she’s going to get a tan by backing her car up in the drive way and lay on the roof to get a tan. Well then. 

My parents are currently addicted to candy crush. My mom ignores my phone calls and texts for her game. I always tell her that I’m going to get kidnapped and they’re going to call her for the ransom and she’s going to ignore the call. They know that am I talking about their game because they’re looking at me with this huge grin. 

Well that’s all for today